• 12 years of experience
  • skilled contractor
  • indoor/outdoor home improvement
  • 12 years of experience
  • skilled contractor
  • indoor/outdoor home improvement




The remodeling process can be a lengthy and complex so it is very important that the contractor and the homeowner understand thoroughly each aspect of the building process. With Bolechowski Construction each phase of the project is clearly laid out with prices itemized for each specific task of the project, along with the cost of labor and material. I fully realize that the remodeling process can be quite intrusive to the homeowners day to day life, so it is my number one goal to keep the project moving smoothly, on a scheduled time frame so you can enjoy your new space and get on with your life.


Over the past 12 years in the construction industry I have experienced an array of problems that have arisen in the remodeling process, one problem that frequently occurs is opening up a enclosed space with a unforeseeable able problem, I can assure you that each problem will be brought to the homeowners attention and dealt with in the best interest of the homeowner.

I'd like to outline our typical process which we use from start to finish in chronological order.

- Visit the site, go over each aspect of the project and figure out what will be the best solution for the project.


- Detailed conversation about customers ideas and then feedback from the contractor.

- Measure up the space and go over design details.

- Write up a detailed estimate for the project, making sure the customer sees where each dollar goes.

- Outline the cost of labor allocating money to each specific trade.

- Outline the finishes and material the homeowner and contractor feels are best for the project.

- Signing the contract.

- Sign a legal binding contract detailing price and scheduling.

- Make first of three payments to contractor, initial payment is necessary to acquire materials.

- Obtain any permits from city.

- Begin the project.

- half way another 1/3 payment is collected.

- Complete the project with any necessary inspections from the city.

- Make sure the homeowner is completely 100% satisfied and collect the final payment.


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Bolechowski Construction is a owner operated design & build construction company with a full service range of expertise. The owner, Nicholas Bolechowski posses over 12 years of experience in the building industry. This includes residential and commercial remodeling; kitchens, bathrooms, additions, finished basements, as well as; roofing, siding, decks, windows, hardwood flooring and any custom project you can envision.


Making the decision to remodel your space is a daunting task. Bolechowski Construction strives to use an accurate estimation and billing process to communicate each detail of the project thoroughly. This is to ensure that each detail comes out just as you imagined it would.

I strive to build a long lasting relationship with each client and communicate what I feel would be the best and most cost effective solution for each project. I feel that your home is your sanctuary. My efforts are aimed at making your home a statement about the life you live and the hard work you have done to earn your home. This is why so many of my clients return.

Many people underestimate the special skill set of an exceptional general contractor.


To have a successful project, it's important to set the right expectations upfront, communicate throughout, and manage the project efficiently while delivering the highest quality craftsmanship.

Doing business with Bolechowski construction LLC means you will be in direct contact with the owner, each question you have will have a direct answer, and you wont have to deal with project managers and job supervisors.


Please feel free to ask to speak personally with my past clients, or preview my past work so you can get real reviews and testimonies of how my projects are operated. I have compiled several testimonials from past clients for your review. Contact me about a free on-site consultation or call my cell at 612.965.1509. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged



You can contact us for a variety of home improvement and remodeling projects. Instead of calling various contractors, you can count on us for almost everything you want to do for your home.



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